AHIA Producer Agreement

All prospective agents must fill out and submit the "AHIA PRODUCER AGREEMENT" first then continue below.
AHIA Referral Program

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AHIA Carrier List

Please be sure to be contracted with the carrier through AHIA!

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Click Here for the Manual Contracting Carrier List

Agents we now have the Surancebay Online Contracting System. You may now contract online for all carriers that are not listed below. If there is an active link on the carriers name below please click on it, fill out and print the appropriate forms then submit to contracting via fax at (866) 476-0094. If there are no forms to fill out please follow the instructions for that particular carrier as outlined. Instructions for the SuranceBay System are below following this list. For additional assistance please contact the contracting department at (210) 738-3537 or (888) 803-3537.

Manual Contracting Carrier List

Just In Time Contracts

In order to contract with these carriers YOU MUST SUBMIT NEW BUSINESS WITH THIS APPLICATION. If you do not submit a first piece of business you will not be contracted. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR THESE CARRIERS. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the contracting department at (210) 738-3537 or by email at contracting@ahiabenefits.com.

If you prefer to not deal with online contracting and wish to contract by paper only (manually) please CLICK AND DOWNLOAD ONE OF THE 2 FORMS BELOW and submit them to our contracting department VIA FAX AT (866) 476-0094.

Producer Setup Packet (PDF)
Adobe Reader Compatible File.
Producer Setup Packet (DOCX)
Microsoft Office Compatible File.


Now get contracted quickly, easily and online with Surancebay! You need only enter your information once, and regardless of how many carriers you wish to get contracted with all your information will pre-propogate on all your paperwork.

Despite the fact carrier contracting just got easier, not all carriers will allow contracting through SuranceBay. Remember the carriers listed above have a different procedure and our contracting department will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have at (888) 803-3537. (Our secure contracting fax number is (866) 476-0094).

Please save your Username and Password. You will need these to fill out future contracts. You will need the following:

  • Voided Check
  • E&O Certificate
  • LTCI Continuing Education Certificate (For Long Term Care appointments)
  • Tax ID number

  • If you are using this system for the first time, click on New User. Complete your biographical information then click on Request Appointment and choose the carriers you are interested in. Remember to review your carrier selections after you select them so they properly process.

    Please be aware that many carriers, including UnitedHealthcare, charge a fee for non-resident appointments. If you have a question as to how this will impact your choices for non-resident state appointments, please give us a call at (888) 803-3537.

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