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It was Harry Truman who first introduced the idea of a national health insurance plan back in 1945. Twenty years later, Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law – health coverage for Americans 65 and older. Since then, Medicare has seen numerous changes, such as the inclusion of the disabled. Now at a time when the cost of family health insurance and individual health insurance is at its height, Medicare is once again undergoing some...Read More
As small businesses struggles to stay afloat in this new economy, many companies are eliminating their group health insurance policies to help cut expenses. In many cases, this is a choice made as an alternative to lay-offs or, in worst-case scenarios, closing their doors. Still, cutting group health coverage leaves full-time employees uninsured. Certainly employees may pursue their own health insurance quotes for family health...Read More
Between 1999 and 2008, annual health insurance premiums rose by 119 percent! For families and individuals whose employers do not offer health coverage this rise in premiums has made affordable health insurance seem a near impossibility for millions of Americans. In fact, some employers have been unable to weather the rise in healthcare costs, no longer able to offer family health insurance or individual health insurance to their...Read More

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When your body is already suffering from mobility issues, the last thing a wheelchair should do is put any additional stress or strain on your tissues. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens if you use a wheelchair that is ergonomically incorrect. In public facilities especially, it seems too little consideration is given to the quality of the wheelchair provided to patrons who have trouble walking for an extended period of...Read More
There’s nothing more frustrating about starting a new fitness routine than hurting yourself in the process. Suddenly the very thing that was supposed to improve your health is actually making it worse. Forced to focus on healing your injury, your progress stalls and so does your patience. As Metabolic Wellness Centers of Mesa can attest, any number of factors may cause injury during a new fitness routine for Mesa weight loss , Mesa...Read More
Though holistic approaches to health have proven their effectiveness, support of these programs is sometimes lacking within the conventional healthcare community. That’s what makes the holistic fitness programs of Metabolic Wellness Centers of Mesa so unique. These programs are physician-recommended for a wide range of needs among East Valley residents, including Gilbert weight loss , Gilbert physical therapy , Gilbert personal...Read More
Though caring for a loved one in need can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, it can also be one of the most challenging. That is certainly the case for those who seek help from Synergy HomeCare of Texas. As a leader in the assisted living industry – from senior services and respite care, to personal care and companionship – Synergy has seen firsthand how in home care can take a devastating toll on primary caregivers....Read More
According to the Department of Defense , all four branches of the service in February 2008 marked their eighth straight month of successful active duty recruiting, meeting or exceeding their recruitment goals. With over 150,000 troops currently deployed in the Middle East, and without a foreseeable end to military operations in sight, hundreds of thousands of military families in the United States are feeling the effects of separation....Read More